Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Order

How to Order
  1. Choose your order from my scrumptious menu
  2. After you know what to order, please confirm (SMS ONLY) to 0812.212.6398, or email to  (Name, address, phone number, your order [what kind, flavors, quantity], when will you need your order to be received, pick up/delivery)
  3. Please place your order min. 24 hours before delivery/pick up time
  4. Delivery charge (start 1 January 2013) ---- 30.000 IDR for Pondok Indah and Bintaro (sektor 1 - 3), 60.000 IDR for Jakarta area, 70.000 IDR for Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi area, and 150.000 IDR special request for Bandung city  with minimum order 12 boxes of cupcakes or 900.000 IDR total purchases -- weekend only)  
  5. Please make an appointment before you pick up your order.

  1. We will confirm your total amount of order, and we will send you our account number to transfer.
  2. Please do not make any payment before you receive our confirmation.
  3. Please inform after payment, we will need to see your receive.


What is our Cupcakes size?
We make 4 cm in diameter for mini cupcakes and 6 cm in diameter for bigger cupcakes.

Do you make cakes or cupcakes with fondant character?
No we don’t, but you can check our related blog on, they will happily make them for you ^__^

How many flavors of cupcakes can I mix in one (1) box?
Standard cupcakes size you may kindly choose two (2) flavors from our menu, 6 cups / box

Mini size cupcakes you may kindly choose two (2) flavors from our menu, with minimum order two (2) dozen of cupcakes.

How many flavors of macaron can I mix in one (1) jar?
You may kindly choose two (2) flavors in one (1) jar, with minimum order two (2) jar for delivery/pick up.

Are there any other cookies you made?
We specifically make our signature Graham Crackers and Thin Almond Cookies to add to our menu.

Can you deliver your cake, cookies, or ice cream to other city?
I’m sorry we can’t, we can’t risk your cakes to arrive in rubbles. We do occasionally deliver our cakes and cookies to Bandung, depends on the schedule.

Minimum Order 
2 pack of our products, free to combine with others [ex. standard cupcakes & macaron ]

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